Renting A Furnished Home? Here’s how to Plan a Perfect Backyard Lounge for your rental.

Renting a furnished home in Ghana shouldn’t limit your creativity. Even if you can’t hang out at your favorite pub, lounge, café or restaurants, you can experience going out while staying indoors. In the current situation we find ourselves in, where many of us are staying at home or working from the house, one of the best ways to release stress is to head outside and get a bit of fresh air.

Are you lucky enough to get approval from your landlord to renovate the house or you have a large outdoor space? – then it is time to make the most out of your rented furnished home by giving it a new look. You have had days where you think of having dinner under the moonlight or having a morning coffee and seeing the sun rise at the same time right? Then its time to make that dream a reality by creating a beautiful backyard lounge

1. Get started!

To start, you first have to envision the decorated backyard space of your rented furnished home. As you already have the perfect location and appropriate size, you must picture the importance of each material at the back of your mind. The materials must compliment your home and surroundings and also enhance your lifestyle and living. They must bring the backyard lounge to life, in terms of use and make. You must also consider the maintenance commitments and cost.

2. Concrete Cement

This is an important building material that has the ability to hold your structure together. It is also suitable for warm climates just like we have in Ghana. The standard concrete is usually four inches thick. Renting a furnished home shouldn’t cramp your style. You should ask your contractor for advice if you want to add other things like a built-in fireplace for cooking and barbecue grilling to stand the heat.

3. Bricks

Another way to do the flooring is by using bricks. It is a good way to dress up the backyard lounge of the rented furnished home and add value. Bricks come in different colors and patterns, and are attractive and pleasant to use. The pattern is strictly for its looks and beauty and it will perform the same irrespective of the pattern you go in for. There are benefits for using bricks – fire protection and can withstand high temperatures.

4. Pergola

A pergola is a simple structure made out of wood, metal, or vinyl that can easily transform the backyard of your rented furnished apartment into a beautiful outdoor space. They are mostly built with roof beams and vertical beams with neither roof nor walls. There are many reasons why you should get a pergola for your lounge-they to create a definite space, they add value, they can be easily installed, they create a place to entertain outside, and they are simply beautiful. You can have your painters color it the way you want it. Including a pergola to your rented furnished house would add a lot of appeal to the backyard lounge your creating.

5. Tiles

Tiles are ideal for creating a perfect backyard lounge for your rented furnished apartment. You need to pick tiles that are not just strong but any scratch-resistant. Tiles are used to create a perfect ambiance. Tiles that can be used for outdoor backyards are; porcelain, ceramic, quarry, and travertine. They are all dense and strong and suitable for such purposes. People mostly go in for porcelain tiles because they are hard and able to stand the furniture, pets, outdoor cooking equipment, and fade resistant.

6. Gravels

Many people are considering the use of gravels instead of grass for the surrounding of their backyard lounge. This is because of concerns about water conservation and chemical pollutions. Basically, it has a low environmental impact. Stones and gravels are good alternatives to grass especially in our part of the world. Little rocks, gravels, and crushed granite can complement your landscaping and the backyard beautifully.

7. Furniture

Renting a furnished home shouldn’t limit your outdoor furniture options. When looking for furniture for your backyard lounge, choose one with a durable fabric, attractive, can stand all weather types, and is extra comfortable. Most furniture used is woven. As usual, get a set that suits your taste and color scheme. You can add some throw pillows, comforters, and centerpieces to enhance the place.

8. Color Scheme

Creating your backyard lounge must not be boring at all! Create some style and appeal using color schemes. Use colors that are cool and unique at the same time. They must create an aesthetic feeling. You can have coffee brown/brown/black for pergolas, gray/ash for furniture, and bright color for centerpieces and throw pillows. The floor can be brown and if you prefer a rug over the floor can be a patterned black and white color rug. Just have fun with the colors.

9. Lights

Few things can change the atmosphere of outdoor space as quickly as lighting. Lightening is essential.  Outdoor lanterns and spotlights add elegance and functionality to your outdoor space. Having the right light creates a pleasing ambiance and keeps the outdoor space secure.

We are sure you have created the perfect backyard lounge that is going to host friends and family over some grilled pork and drinks by now!

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This article was written by SuCasa Properties.