Own A Furnished house? Here’s how to Plan an Outdoor Movie Date.

Accra Mall, movie houses… just a few places you would nominate as a place to watch a movie. But staying at home sounds boring right? Now that the cinemas are closed, doesn’t mean the show can’t go on. Your balconies, porch or backyard of your furnished house is the place to plan for a movie date and family time alike. You don’t need to break the bank to fill it with fun and creativity.

Check out these ways to plan that will make your movie nights or dates just lovely and memorable.

1. But first the movie!

It can be anything worth watching and interesting. The introduction of new digital technologies (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+) has come in handy and cheaper to buy and have now become an alternative to regular entertainment. There is a wide range of movies to select from. The choice is yours! But you should decide what movie to watch before the big night. This would go a long way to prevent last-minute quarrels between siblings or your date who want to watch something different.

For families with little children, choose a movie that is age appropriate and appealing to all; whether four or forty.

2. Get a white bedsheet or table cloth and a mini projector

Fix the white bedsheet or table cloth on a wall or fence, and get pegs or pins to hold it in place. What is a movie night without technology? Together with the mini projector, the plain or white sheet would serve as a projection screen to play the movie. This would make you feel like you are at the movies. Get a projector that is compatible with your laptop and also based on your preferences and budget. If you don’t have any sheets, don’t worry at all … you can use a plain wall.

3. Speakers and external cords

You would want to probably use external speakers for all to hear if your projector doesn’t have built-in speakers. Also, having external cords handy if your devices are not battery operated.

4. Set a yummy table

Set a table with your or the family’s favourite snacks and finger foods such as popcorn, chicken wings, chips, pastries, cookies, fruits, juice or wine to nibble on while watching the movie. If you want to go in for a local snack table, you can go in for sobolo, asana, lamugine, plantain chips, just to mention a few. Pack up paper napkins, plates, wine glasses and cups. If watching with kids, you must be mindful to include candies and this would win them over. Remember you want to create the same food table just as the cinemas.

4. Home touch

Personalizing the experience, you would need to create a homely touch so far as you own a furnished house. Gather a few things found in the home like throw pillows, pillows and extra sheets to sit on, blankets, comforters or duvet to cover up when it’s cold. Make sure you’re comfortable in your seating. And not forgetting scented candles for fresh scents. The purpose is to have a cosy movie-watching environment and experience. To keep mosquitoes and other insects from buzzing in your ear, you can lite a mosquito coil at one corner or can smear mosquito repellent on your body.

5. Fun ideas

To make it more interesting and fun, play games related to movies or charades. Before the movie starts, get the fun started with some karaoke in your furnished house.

Whether movie you go in for be it action, comedy or thriller, your balcony, porch or backyard movie night in your furnished house is sure going to be a bomb.

This article was written by SuCasa Properties.