Neighborhoods in Accra. 5 Most Safe Place to Live.

Accra is a very fast place hence security is one of the top concerns of its residents.  If you are considering moving to Accra, I am pretty sure safety questions have crossed your mind. As a result of that, deciding where to live in Accra can be a daunting task especially when you have no information about the location and its related concerns.

This article details out 5 most safe locations in Accra to live in.

1. Cantonments

Cantonments is a serene neighbourhood in Accra known for its affluence and diplomatic environment.  It is a 15-minute drive from the Kotoka International Airport. Also, most embassies and High Commissions such as the American, Russian as well the European Union, and Australian High Commissions are located there. Similarly, almost all of their housing units consist of luxurious apartments and townhouses. A few detached and semidetached houses available. Looking for the most secure location to live in Accra, then Cantonments is your best shot.

Due to its high end and diplomatic environment, the place experiences top-notch security every time. There are mostly security guards at the homes of the diplomats and police patrols in the neighbourhood. The location of the Ministry of Defense adds up to its tight security. These accounts for the reduced number of thefts and danger in this secured location.

There is some level of freedom and carefulness in this neighbourhood located in Accra. Using the roads of Cantonments is extra safe for both children and adults. Eateries, coffee shops, shopping centres, and pubs at Cantonments are highly safe places to be. These sitting places are suitable for work and recreation. Most of these places have security guards and dogs to ensure that the place is free from any danger.  There is electricity and water supply available. 

Additionally, the educational institutions at Cantonments range from preschool to Senior High School, they include Learning Skills International School, Ghana International School, Morning Star School and they make use of advanced security systems that monitor the activities of the students and other external ones.

2. Airport Residential Area

Airport Residential Area is one of the finest places to live in Accra.  The safety in this neighbourhood in Accra is one applaud.  Its closeness to the Kotoka International Airport makes the area void of harmful activities. This secured location has a neat and composed atmosphere but can be noisy due to the busy Accra-Legon-Madina Highway.

This neighbourhood in Accra can boast of the best hotels in Accra with the likes of Mariott Hotel, Best Western Premier Hotel, Holiday Inn Hotel, Ibis Styles Hotel, and African Regent Hotel. This neighbourhood in Accra is the best choice for most private and government agencies (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, National Communication Authority). The social amenities in this neighbourhood located in Accra make the area extremely demanded. These include the Polo Court, fuel stations (Airport Shell), hospitals (Nyaho Medical Center, Airport Clinic), shopping malls (Accra Mall and the Marina mall). These activities in the neighbourhood make it a highly security-conscious one.  

The residents of this elite neighbourhood are expatriates, government officials, and some affluent Ghanaian families. This neighbourhood in Accra is proud to have educational institutions like Jack and Jill School, Englebert School, Association International School. Security at the Airport Residential Area is always very tight as the Police officers from the Airport Police station patrol areas in the neighbourhood. This secured location experiences constant water and electricity supply.

3. Roman Ridge

The third secured location in Accra is the Roman Ridge. It is located in the north of Accra. With its peaceful nature, Roman Ridge is often seen more as a residential area than a business environment despite the springing up of businesses in that area.

A very popular school in that area is the Roman Ridge School which takes in foreign students hence it is ensured space and its environs are very safe for use.  Roman ridge has several hotels for Ghanaians and foreigners who visit the vicinity. Popular with the hotels is Tang Palace.

The neighbourhood is known to be safe as it houses the Indian and Nigerian High Commission and with some diplomats living there. Shopping centres and restaurants are springing up as the area keeps developing rapidly. Driving in the neighbourhood is easy as all the streets are well tarred and the place well lit up.

4. West Legon

West Legon, popularly known as Westlands is one of the secured locations in Accra. The residents are mostly the rich Ghanaians and foreigners who visit or live in Ghana. Westlands is a well-planned and well-lit-up neighbourhood surrounded by nature and with goods roads.

This neighbourhood in Accra is serene with some business activities. There are not many shops around, the few ones are boutiques, salons, and barbershops. The offices in the area are a hand full with some banks topping the list. The area is still developing and promises to be extra safe as it does.  It also has a constant supply of water and electricity.

Again, the schools in this secured location are not many but the most talked about is Brainy Bairn school. There is little when it comes to leisure activities with the nearest being the Legon Botanical gardens. In all, there is the presence of policemen patrolling the area day and night, and private security guards in individual homes.

5. Tesano

Tesano is a secured location to live in or carry out business activities. It is a district in Accra located on the Accra-Nsawam highway. Most importantly, it considered a highly safe, peaceful, and secured area because of the Police Training school. Businesses found at Tesano include banks, shops, restaurants and media houses.

Tesano is the home of garages (car sales). The popular landmark in Tesano is the Ghana Technology University and the famous Tesano Sports club for recreational and sporting activities. Also, the most listened to radio and TV stations can be found there; Peace FM, UTV.

The neighbourhood in Accra is well-planned with a beautiful layout of semi-detached houses and estate houses, hotels, offices, and other businesses. Furthermore, this neighbourhood also comes with an electricity and water supply. Also, some homes go a step further to hire their own security guards, which makes the area more secure. Tesano also has eateries, restaurants, and pubs for residents and passersby which are safe to use.

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