There is intense competition on homes for sale in Accra-Ghana. Finding a good buyer for your home in Accra can be a tough task especially if the property is in a state that does not offer value for money. You must go the extra mile to make the home appealing to the prospective buyer. It is worth considering to improve your home for sale in Accra, Ghana. This will not only make it look good but increase the value and give a good return when the sale is closed. Some little upgrades can positively help to increase your home’s worth.

Looking at selling of your home soon? Here are (5) projects you can undertake to increase your home’s resale value. 

1. Improve Your Home’s Surroundings

Every buyer wants a home that is already neatly kept and would not have to do much when he or she has to move in. Clean the surrounding periodically by uprooting weeds and scrubbing off molds if there are any. You can take a step further by landscaping and providing a safe and comfortable outdoor space. If there is one already, then you can mow and prune to make the place look clean and neat. Beautiful surroundings will make the potential buyer love the place even before going into the house. First impressions are everything! Make your home for sale in Accra, Ghana the very best.

2. Upgrade Your Lights

People always fall in love with good lighting. It brings out the beauty of the home even if the home is not an extraordinary one. Get a good mixture of dim and bright lights that will make it look aesthetic and inform the buyer that some effort has been put into the home to make it worth it. If there are some private spaces in the house, then you can effectively make use of designed dim lights that will make the place look calm and beautiful. You can consider using smart lights that are controlled by apps. These can be regulated anywhere hence they are energy saving. This can be a good selling for a home resale.

3. Replace Your Faucets

A new faucet enhances the style of the house in general. Fixtures such as the water closets, sinks, and bathroom showers should be changed to new and modern ones to suit most potential buyer’s preferences. Do your research.

Also, new buyers are now looking out for smart fixtures that can make life easy and convenient. Some of such fixtures are ceiling fans, air conditioners, and doors that can respond to when given a command. It should not be too technical to use. Also, it should be easy to maintain and energy-efficient. No one wants to pay more bills!

With such fixtures, you can also work with color schemes such as white and grey to make the place look plush and neat. Kitchen cabinets and wardrobes can be repainted to gel with the paintings of the rooms. The buyer does not have to do much!

4. Paint the Whole House

A brush of an entire home for sale in Accra Ghana also goes a long way to elevate the building. You might be thinking of the color to use because not everyone likes any color. Using neutral colors such as white, gray, nude is not too much of a problem and makes the place look serene. Add a pop-up color to the doors and gate to brighten up the place as well. You are also looking at saving cost hence, when you paint, be careful not to stain the place while cleaning periodically and waiting to get a good deal.

5. Offer Additional Benefits

Everyone wants additional benefits when buying a product. This is the same with home buyers in Accra. They would want to get something extra aside from the regular 2-to-3-bedroom house they are buying. Some additional benefits that be considered are building a swimming pool or an outdoor fire space that can serve as a family get-together space. As part of the offer, you can decide to clean and fill up the swimming pool once so they don’t have to spend extra money on that when they move in   

The customer senses value for money if all these projects are executed.  It makes the home worth it and ready for a good resale value! If you still need help with a home resale or renovation contact SuCasa Properties.

This article was written by SuCasa Properties.