Buyer’s Agents Do More Than Unlock Doors. There is nothing more confusing when buying a house than understanding your “legal” relationship with your real estate agent.  Yes, your state laws define how an agent can legally work for you or with you.

You can buy a home through a Buyer’s Agent, Selling Agent, Dual Agent, Facilitator, Designated Agent and a Non-Designated Agent.  To be honest, do you know the difference between each and every different agency?

Buyer’s Agents Do More Than Unlock Doors? As a home buyer, it will behoove you to make damn sure you know what this all means.  The “legal” relationship defines how an agent will work for you and where their allegiance lies.

It’s so confusing.  Most buyers just gloss over when they start hearing about the agency.  If you are a buyer and want the highest level of service you should buy a home with a Buyer’s Agent to represent your best interest.

And as a word of caution, avoid dual agency like the plague, its just bad news.  Don’t let an agent talk you into thinking it is a good thing. A dual agent supposedly “represents” both parties in a transaction. But really who can serve two masters? Their role becomes more of a transactional agent.
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