Planning your life together before saying your marriage vows is essential and beautiful. Choosing a good location or environment in Accra which would be called home in the immediate years of marriage will go a long way to strengthen your new family and marriage at large.

However, preparing for marriage can be very exhausting especially during the process of trying to figure out the best location or living area for your new family. Everyone can attest to fact that it is an extremely stressful research process. Careful planning and analytical decision making are therefore required and to make the right choice.

Are you a tying the knot soon and looking for a good location to move in to start your marriage? Below are five (5) carefully selected locations you can consider moving in to begin your marriage!

1. Cantonments

Are you looking at staying in a high-profile neighbourhood with a very serene atmosphere? Cantonments is one to consider for such serenity. It is a highly planned residential area located about 5km away from the Kotoka International Airport. It is a well-noted living area for the affluent Ghanaian and mostly dominated by diplomats, high profile people and expats. The area has a lot of embassies, luxurious apartments and amenities that will make living comfortable as a newlywed.

The settlement of high-end people in the vicinity has caused the place to experience utmost security at any point in time. The security of your home and family is assured every time!

Considering family life, the neighbourhood gels in by having top-notch infrastructure. The vicinity has a good number of supermarkets, high-end restaurants, cafés, hotels, international schools, laundry shops and cleaning/ house help services. All shops are in ultra-modern buildings which makes the place look classy to suit the type of people who live there. Luxury recreational centres such a fitness centres, museums, Spas encourage social and entertaining life as newlyweds. There are also access roads that are tarred with good drainage systems.

If you decide to have kids, you will not have any worries when they have to start school. International schools such as the Ghana International School (one of the best international schools in Accra-Ghana) and Morning Star School offers a good learning environment as well as extra curriculum activities which will help develop your children to their full potential.

Living in Cantonments will be one of the best choices for the consistent growth and development of your family.

2. East Legon

East Legon is also one of the good residential locations to start a family. It is a beautiful residential area in Accra. The area is close to the University of Ghana, Legon campus. Life at East Legon is a unique mix of exotic and local life going about a wide range of activities. Looking at a place that has a good number of facilities that can enhance family life such as supermarkets, shopping centres, schools, hospitals, banks and family recreational centres. This place gives comfort and convenience since all activities can be carried out there. There is a connection to the corporate and social world.  

Considering the up-spring of children during family life, East Legon has a lot of daycares and international schools that can cater for your kids from as little as 6 months. These facilities offer an advanced learning environment. Although it is also a high-end area, it costs lower to live in East Legon than in Cantonments. If you want to live in a plush environment but within budget, this is the place to be!

3. Airport Residential Area

Are you a newlywed looking for a location to start your life together but have concerns about proximity to the commercial area of the city, Accra? Airport Residential Area can serve that need.

The neighbourhood is located in the middle of most commercial activities in Accra. Proximity to schools and health facilities is of essence when choosing a location as a new family. Airport Residential Area serves a number of hospitals and schools such as Nyaho Clinic, Association International School, Jack and Jill among others.  Although it is a vibrant area, it also has a good blend of serenity and commercial activities.

The proximity factor is just the tip of the iceberg. The place also has several luxurious hotels and restaurants such as Coco Lounge and Airport View Hotel where you can have a good family time and relaxation. Malls such as Marina Mall is a one-stop mall to get items from a wide variety of shops. Neighbourhood supermarkets are also available for easy access.

Airport Residential Area is the location for corporate newlyweds or couples who are actively involved in commercial activities.    

4. Labone

Experience the best of Labone as a newly married couple with its widespread family work-life activities. Labone is surrounded by Osu and Cantonments which are luxurious neighbourhoods.

The neighbourhood has some plush apartments that can accommodate your family. There is utmost security because of its neighbour, Cantonments. It also has some good supermarkets where you can get all kinds of foodstuff and other edibles. As a busy family, you might need some laundry and cleaning services. The area has some laundry and Cleaning services such as Laundry Chief and Dallen Cleaning Services. There are not many international schools at Labone however, commuting to schools at Cantonments and Airports is quite convenient.

Some nice family time places and workspaces such as Zen Garden, Cupcake Boutique and Coffee Shop can be utilized every time. If you are looking for a place that has many activities but luxurious, Labone is your best shot.

5. Osu

Osu is fun! All activities you can think of happens at Osu, especially at night. Do you seek to often have a fun family time? Osu will give you that opportunity and more.

There are a lot of eating spaces on the popular Oxford Street. Some of such spaces are Papaye and Frankie’s. You do not have to spend much to have fun on this street. It also has a shopping mall which contains a variety of shops and supermarkets. Osu is a one-stop-shop for everything.

The neighbourhood has some skyrocket apartments such as Montecito Apartments and Roots Apartments which are very comfortable to live in as a family. These apartments range from one (1) to four (4) bedrooms with balcony and ensuite bedrooms. Living in Osu as a newlywed will be adventurous.

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