Individual work-life balance is gradually changing and gravitating more towards finding a relaxing space even after the day’s work. Relaxation and engaging in other activities aside from work have become a necessity, especially when COVID 19 hit the world and caused all stress levels. It’s that period when you end up spending half your time wondering when next to hit the beach. These beaches neighbourhoods in Accra are very close to you and can be visited even after work! Beach spaces in Accra have become one of the most preferred spaces for relaxation and meetups.

Would you want to get ‘beachy’ all day or even after work without spending much? Then this article will give you 4 affordable beach communities you can easily get to in Accra.

1. Sakumono Beach Neighbourhood in Accra

The Sakumono beach community can be accessed by residents at Tema, Sakumono, Spintex and its environs. Commuting to beaches on that stretch is easy and affordable. Some parts of this beach stretch give an impressive view of the Tema Harbour and its activities. Beaches in this community are generally managed well and kept clean at all times.

The entrance rates for these beaches ranges between Ghc5 to Ghc20. Some of them do not even charge an entrance fee. Just come and have fun! Serenity Beach Resort, Sakumono Beach, Mighty Beach and Titanic Beach are affordable beach neighbourhood spaces in Accra you can visit when in that area!   

2. La-Teshie Beach Neighbourhood in Accra

The La-Teshie beach neighbourhood is the most popular beach stretch in Accra. It is generally safe and affordable in terms of the cost of transportation and entrance fee charges. Getting to the La-Teshie beach stretch is about 8km east of Accra and takes about 45 minutes or less from areas around La, Teshie, Osu, Cantonments, Labone and Airport. The cost of entrance for these beaches is between GHc10 to GHc20 and it is worth the experience.

There are a good number of beaches on that stretch. Some examples of affordable beaches around this community are La pleasure beach, Laboma Beach Resort, La Palm Beach Resort among others.  After a long day, you can decide to get to any of these and watch the beautiful sunset sitting right on the sea. Also, if you are looking for a quieter experience, weekdays are the best times to visit the place.  

3. Kokrobite- Bortianor Beach Community

Living on the outskirts of Accra and wondering how easily you can get to a beach even after work? Worry no more!  You do not have to move all the way to the La beach community to have a good experience. This beach community is located in the Weija-Kasoa area. The Kokrobite- Bortianor beach community has developed quickly and offers a memorable experience worth your money! The entrance fee for these beaches is between Ghc10-GHc25.

These beaches are very clean and safe for use even at night. They mostly have security persons who ensure safety at the place. Beach communities in Accra such as Bojo Beach, Luxury Beach Resort, Kasum Royale Beach, and Kokrobite Beach sets the tone for relaxation while offering you value for money!

4. Prampram Beach Community

Prampram Beach Community is a mix of serenity and activity. The place is not too far from Tema and its environs. It is mostly packed with people (mostly groups or couples) who have come on vacation or want to have some intimate time together. Accessing beaches at Prampram is relatively affordable. Considering the privacy and intimacy most of the beaches here give, it is worth the money. Some of the beaches you can find at Prampram are Golden Beach Resort, Prambeach Resort, and The Palms, which focus on providing a good vacation experience. The Prampram beach community is the best choice for vacation and destination outings.

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This article was written by SuCasa Properties.